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Pet Sitters Unlimited has been providing peace of mind to our clients and their furry friends since 1993!

Whether you’re going on vacation, traveling for business or just busy, we are here to help care for, play with and pamper your precious pet(s)! We care for your pets as you would, in the comfort of their own home. As professionals we understand that your pets are a very important part of the family and we are sensitive to their unique needs.

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Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting visits are a perfect solution for all pets rather than going to a kennel or boarding facility. Staying at home is really ideal for most pets.  They're in their own familiar environment, with the noises and smells they are use to. Verse being somewhere...

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What Type of Pets Does A Pet Sitter Take Care Of?

Families today have embraced all types of pets – from the traditional dogs and cats to the more exotic iguanas – as family members. As a result of the increase of different types of pets, pet parents require a professional pet sitter that has specific experience and...

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Dog Walking

Our Dog Walking Services are a great option for busy pet parents and their pups. Our clients schedules are often very busy. We understand. If you’re unable to get your dog out as often as you would like or…

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