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Sometimes life just gets crazy. You keep adding more chores, events, and obligations to your to-do list, forcing you to cross off those things that really aren’t a priority. One of those priorities is your beloved pup, who waits eagerly at the door for you at the end of the day. Still, even though you do your best, you sometimes feel your dog needs more time and attention.

Here are five times you should hire a dog walker:

You work long hours.

Logging long hours at work means you can’t always be at home for your dog, to feed her at dinnertime, and to take her for a walk. Most people don’t have a choice when it comes to working long hours. A professional dog walker will help make your life easier by taking over the dog walking. Schedule one, two or as many or as few walks as you think is necessary each day. While your professional dog walker is walking and socializing your dog, you can focus on what you need to get done instead of worrying whether your dog is becoming anxious from being alone all day.

You consistently say “no.”

How many times are you invited out for dinner after work with coworkers? Asked to a party that would keep you away from home all day? Wanted to just catch a new movie the evening it came out? Maybe you say “no” to invitations more than you accept them because you want to get home to make sure your dog is okay and to ensure he gets the attention, the exercise, and the socialization he deserves. Allow yourself to start saying “yes” by engaging the services of a professional dog walker. Your dog gets everything he needs until you return home.

Your dog needs more attention.

Maybe your schedule is jam-packed and your dog, unfortunately, isn’t getting the attention to which he’s accustomed. You want to give him more attention but you just haven’t had the time lately. Hire a professional dog walker to ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise and socialization each day. That way, when you return home you can spend time cuddling and relaxing with your furry friend.

You have a new baby.

Bringing a new baby homes means a big adjustment for everyone, including your beloved pooch. Your sleep will likely become broken by baby’s cries, feedings, and changings every few hours. The last thing you will probably want is to take your dog for the long, leisurely walk he enjoys and deserves. A professional dog walker can step in to ensure your dog will exhaust his energy and be calm when he returns home to you.

You just need a break.

Everyone needs a break sometimes. You get sick. Your family members depend on you a lot more than usual. You have taken on a new project. For whatever reason, you just need a break to recharge. When you hire a professional dog walker, you can schedule as many walks as you would like for your dog each day. Your professional dog walker will take your dog for a walk, will ensure your dog gets ample opportunity to relieve himself and to socialize with others, and will leave your beloved pup tired and happy.


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