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Pet Care at it’s Best! Pet Sitters Unlimited is the perfect alternative to pet care while you are away. We love what we do and we take pride in the high standard of service we provide each and everyone of our clients in our care. Whether you have Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Bunnies or Chickens, we have the experience. We also care for Horses, Ponies, Goats, Sheep and evenLlamas. Really! Why are we the Best sitters in the neighborhood? Well for starters, we’ve been in business since 1993. That says a lot for an industry where it is common for sitters to move on to other careers after a year or two. Another reason we are the Best, Pet Sitters Unlimited’s staff are employee’s (Not contractors). This is for the safety of your pets, your home or sitters and peace of mind for our clients. At the end of our walks or pet sitting visits, your sitter will leave a report card letting you know how everything went and often a picture or two of your pet will end up posted on our.So be sure to “Like” us on Facebook!

Dog Walking

Daily walks are a great way to exercise your dog. Our clients schedules are often busy. We understand. If you’re unable to get your dog out as often as you would like or as often as they need, we are here to help. We provide private leashed walks in your neighborhood with one of our professional dog walkers. Walks are 30 minutes and if this is too much for your aging dog, we will shorten the walk and spend some time with them in their yard or home. We will also work with your dog on proper leash walking “Etiquette” using all the skills they learned at training. Monday thru Friday dog walks are a great option for most dogs. Our walks are scheduled between 10am to 4pm Monday thru Friday. We also offer a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Schedule or a Tuesday, Thursday schedule. Rates vary depending on number of dogs and frequency of walks. We currently have openings for a Monday thru Friday schedule & a Tuesday/ Thursday schedule.

Pet Sitting Our pet sitting visits are a perfect solution for all pets that do better at home than going to a kennel or boarding facility which can be very upsetting to pets. We know… It’s one of the reasons we started pet sitting ourselves. Your pet stays in their familiar environment, without all the unfamiliar smells and sounds of the kennel which creates a very stress free experience for your pet. Our clients often remark that while their pet(s) seemed happy to see them return, it wasn’t an overwhelming reaction to their arrival. We like that… It means the pet(s) were relaxed, not stressed and comfortable while their family was away! Every animal is unique and every situation is different, so each service we provide is personalized to meet the needs of our client. However, some things are pretty standard during a pet sitting visit:
  • Feed & refresh water
  • Sift litter
  • Make sure the dog(s) have had a potty break
  • Visit or play with the pet(s)
  • Bring in mail & news papers
  • Take out Garbage & Recycling on Garbage day
  • Rotate lights, blinds and do a security check

Overnight Pet Sitting Yep you read that correctly, our sitter will stay at your home while you’re away. One of the things that our clients love. We visit with clients from 1 to 3 times a day. Typically Cats 1 time a day unless they are fed twice a day or need medication and dogs up to 3 times a day, with a walk for their second vision to the day. Al Pets are visited at least once a day for their safety and well being.

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