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Our pet sitting visits are a perfect solution for all pets rather than going to a kennel or boarding facility. Staying at home is really ideal for most pets.  They’re in their own familiar environment, with the noises and smells they are use to. Verse being somewhere where there is an adjustment period and constantly changing noises, smells and the ever changing comings and goings. Often times when we pick up our fur babies from boarding and bring them home, people will notice that their pets sleep for a day following their return home.  This can be that they played and had the most excellent time ever.  However, it can also be that the stress that they experienced has worn them out and now, back in their own familiar environment, they can relax and catch up on their much needed rest.

Our clients have always remarked at how relaxed their fur babies are when they return home after being away. Frequently we hear that fluffy came to say hello and went on about their business, happy to have their pet parents home but relaxed.

Depending on their routine, we will visit them 1 to 3 times a day Morning, Mid-Day and Night.

For some of our doggie clients, they need someone to stay overnight with them, because they need late night or early morning potty trips outside. In which case, we generally see them during the middle part of the day as well and some of our clients have us come for a dinner visit before our overnight stay.

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